Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Almost Here!

My birthday that is. OK, really I have hit the age where I no longer count birthdays - I don't really remember them. I forgot my birthday was Friday until my mom called wanting to visit. Oops. Anyway, here is a birthday present to you. When the children in my class have a birthday we make them a picture present book. I give the birthday child a piece of cardstock to decorate and we make a poster of things the birthday child likes: favorite food, favorite movie, favorite color, etc. Then each child gets the paper below. They write the birthday child's name at the top and their own name at the bottom and draw a "Picture Present" for the child in the middle. Then my WONDERFUL assistant Mona (I cannot say that too many times - I am blessed) puts wrapping paper over the picture - like a lift the flap book - and binds the book together. I'm going to my school today, so I will try to find my copy that a class made for me and take a picture. Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy! (I am trying scribd now - let's see if it works)


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