Friday, July 22, 2011

Storage Unit

This unit was featured in the Linky Party that studied Debbie Diller's "Math Work Stations".  I found it at Michael's and used a 40% off coupon for it!  Woo Hoo I love a bargain!
MultiColor Ten Drawer Storage Cart

I have small room that doesn't have much storage and always looks very cluttered (ok ... I admit, I'm a messy teacher - organization is my growing edge).  I am going to make this my math center.  Two children can chose (or be assigned) a drawer that contains a math activity.  If you want more ideas start at Mrs. Parker's blog  She has links to all of the sites that hosted chapters for MWS.  Great resource!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Name

The song in this video is the inspiration for the name of my blog.  If you would like to learn more about Barbara Bailey Hutchison go here

The First Day is On it's Way!

OK I know that it is early, but my kids are in TX and I have some "extra" time.  So I am cleaning and sorting computer files today.  Here is a page that I use with my kids on the very first day of kindergarten.  They get to draw a picture of ANYTHING with their brand new crayons.  The kids love showing off what they have done and the parents like having a keepsake of the first day.  At my son's school they host a "Boo Hoo" Breakfast for parents on the first day.  What other first day activities do you do?


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Watch Out Newbie Blogger on the Loose!

OK...  I am new to this whole blogger thing.  I started this because I have been a "blog stalker" or is it a "blalker" for several months now and I thought it is time to give back.  I LOVE freebies and super cheap things for my classroom and I will try to share some of those here. 

Right now I have "labels" listed twice on the left.  I tried open page elements to change it and saw "http 400 bad request" whatever that means. So... it will either remain a less than perfect blog or I will figure it out one of these days.  Until then, enjoy my posts, give me some feedback and enjoy the rest of your summer break (if you are lucky enough to have one!)

Song Sheet Number 2!

Ok.  Embedding a document went so well the first time ... let's see how page 2 goes ... I created these song sheets to go with a workshop that I do for teachers on using music in their classrooms.  I learned a long time ago that music soothes the savage beast.  The tunes are easy or ... if you don't know the tune, make one up or chant the song.  It doesn't matter how well you sing - the kids don't care - just sing!

songsheet2[1] -

Monday, July 18, 2011

Song Sheet Number 1

Trying to embed a document.  Hope it works!  Eek!