Friday, August 24, 2012

OK Totally haven't posted in ages. I think of fun things then never do it. I have TONS of pictures that are still on my camera from last year. I mean to post them with something clever then I never do it. Hit a bit of a brick wall last year and still trying to recover. Have a great story. It reminded me why I LOVE kindergarten. I have a wonderful new crop of kinders this year. We are only in our first week and they are doing very well with the new routine. Yesterday we we reviewing the schedule for the day. (They all want to know when we are going to have snack, recess, lunch, etc. - constantly) I told them about the specials in the afternoon and how after specials we would have math time. Before I could go on a little guy raises his hand "Mrs. Long Mrs. Long, do I have to take a bath or can I take a shower?" I stifled a giggle and said, "No honey, I said Math" "What's math?" Then we had a nice long conversation about what math is. I got a candle, some bath salts and some smelly salts from my secret pal today ... I think I would like bath time better than math too.